Anne Louise Davies // Artist


To be inspired is to be full of life. I choose to be inspired by the joy and beauty in each day whether at home on Vancouver Island or away in the world. My artist’s eye is drawn towards landscapes bathed in morning or evening light and to the beauty found in nature such as the colour and design of flowers, plants, trees and rocks. When I am still and present in the moment, I find the painting creates itself. And when painting, I accept the invitation to see more clearly and to be myself more fully. Accepting the present and being present in each moment permits the many gifts of creation to be seen and celebrated. 

Painting for me is a kind of meditation – a contemplation of the gifts of the creator. When we each do what we love, we bring peace and harmony into our lives and into this world.

These watercolour paintings, usually painted plein air, are created on Arches 140 cotton paper using high quality watercolour paints. They are available as originals, high quality Giclee prints, canvas prints, cards and in books such as Tranquil Moments on Vancouver Island